Apple grabbed attention at a US mobile phone trade show last night.

AT&T (aka Cingular) chief operating officer Randall Stephenson wowed the crowd during his keynote speech at the CTIA Wireless 2007 trade show when he pulled an iPhone out of his pocket.

According to Reuters, the audience went quiet, "and the room lit with camera flashes." Stephenson confirmed it was the first time he had got his hands on an operational unit

Stephenson confirmed that since Apple announced the product and its exclusive relationship with Cingular (now rebranded as AT&T), over one million people have asked the carrier to let them know when the new device becomes available.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Kevin Martin, managed to get his hands on the iPhone just after the keynote, before Apple came along and took the iPhone away.

"A guy in blue jeans" took it away, Stephenson said.