Game-streaming service OnLive has officially launched in the UK this week and is making a serious effort to make a big splash with several launch offers and partnerships that will see the service keep a high profile among gamers.

UK gamers can now officially sign up for the service via the official website and get access to around 150 games via their PC, Mac, OnLive games console and, soon, iPad and Android tablets. First-time purchasers get their first game on OnLive for just £1 whereas it would normally be £39.99, and free Microconsoles are being given away at this weekend's Eurogamer Expo in London.

Alongside this launch offer, the company has partnered with UK telecommunications giant BT to offer over 100 PlayPack games for free for 3 months to BT Broadband customers.

In the long term, OnLive has partnered with the Game Group, the UK's leading video game retail company. OnLive's Microconsole, upcoming Universal Wireless Controller and digital offerings will be available in the 615 Game and Gamestation stores across the UK, and the service will be integrated with the chains' existing reward schemes and websites. This is a marked difference from the situation in the U.S., where retailer GameStop is trying its level best to discourage customers from using the service in an attempt to promote its own game streaming tech acquired from Spawn Labs earlier this year.

"OnLive is incredibly excited to bring instant-play, on-demand cloud gaming to the UK," said Steve Perlman, OnLive founder and CEO. "OnLive is an entirely new way of experiencing top-tier video games, anywhere, anytime and on virtually any connected device, whether TV, PC, Mac or tablet, with awesome cloud-powered features and community unlike anything you've ever seen before. UK gamers, welcome to OnLive!"

Find out more at the official website.