Eurogamer recently revealed that game streaming service OnLive was headed to the UK, with the official launch set to coincide with September's Eurogamer Expo. Attendees to the show would be in with a chance of receiving one of "thousands" of the service's MicroConsole systems, allowing them access to OnLive through their TV.

Turns out the service has been activated for the UK a little sooner than anticipated. UK players, when attempting to download the OnLive client, used to be confronted with a message saying that the service was unavailable in their region. Now, however, they can download the client for PC or Mac, set up an account and access the service with no problems -- the only thing they can't do at this time is add a credit card to their account, as currently the service only accepts cards with U.S. or Canadian addresses.

This doesn't stop UK players from making use of the service's community features or taking advantage of the 30-minute free trials available for many available games, however.

If you're in the UK and you're interested in using OnLive when it fully launches on 22 September, it might be a good idea to sign up now and reserve your account name.

Thanks to Ross "ThreeSpoons" McNeil for the tip-off.