Apple is said have its eyes on being the new sponsor for The Orange Prize for Fiction, a celebrated literary prize that is awarded to an exceptional female writer every year, reports The Telegraph.

Mobile company Orange, has sponsored the award since its inception in 1996 but withdrew its sponsorship in May, after merging with T-Mobile.

Apple rarely gets involved with sponsorship. In fact, Apple tends to organise its own events, like the iTunes music festival, rather than sponsor someone else’s event.

The Telegraph observed that Apple’s interest in the literary award could be Apple’s attempt at creating awareness for iBookstore but notes that Apple is involved in the on-going antitrust case with the US Department of Justice over allegedly price fixing e-books.    

Other companies in the running include ebook producer, Kobo, but The Telegraph reports that talks with Apple were the most advance.

As noted by Tuaw, if Apple does take over the Orange Prize, it is still unclear if Apple will simply replace Orange with Apple by naming it Apple Prize for Fiction or name it the iBooks Prize for Fiction which could double up as a promotion for its iBookstore.