Orange France has confirmed 90,000 iPhone sales since the product's launch in France in November.

Apple's mobile network partner for France also confirmed that one-in-ten iPhones sold were sold unlocked for use on other networks. Apple and Orange are required to sell a version of the iPhone in an unlocked state in order to comply with competition laws in France.

Orange France broke its silence on iPhone sales during an interview with Pocket-Lint.

The network confirmed that as of 31 January it had sold 90,000 iPhones in total, 14 per cent of which were sold unlocked.

In the UK, O2 in February confirmed the addition of 483,000 customers in its fourth quarter, including 276,000 on contract. The company said this was "the highest number (of customers added) ever, helped by sales of the iPhone, the fastest selling device that we have ever has in the UK."

O2's UK chief executive Ronan Dunne said: "I can tell you the iPhone has been a huge success. Customers are transferring something like 60 to 100 times more data on iPhones, compared with other handsets. Average revenue per user is significantly higher than traditional phone users. iPhone customers are high-value customers."