Orange and T-Mobile have confirmed that they will both stock the iPad 2 and offer data plans for the device when it goes on sale in the UK later this month.

The two companies, which recently came together under the Everything Everywhere umbrella, are the first of the UK's network operators to officially announce that they will offer the iPad 2 as well as dedicated data plans for the device. However, no details of the plans or pricing are detailed.

The official statements from Orange and T-Mobile are almost identically worded, unsurprisingly, with the major difference between the two announcements that Orange issued its statement on Friday, T-Mobile on Monday. Both companies had alluded to their plans on the day of the launch through Twitter.

Vodafone, O2 and Three have yet to officially announce anything specifically for the iPad 2 - however, all of them have data plans on offer for the iPad.

The iPad 2 is due to launch in the UK on 25 March and will cost the same as its predecessor when bought through Apple. Network operators are likely to offer subsidised deals when customers sign up to lengthy contracts.

At the moment, Orange offers subsidised deals for Wi-Fi plus 3G versions of the iPad, though there is some doubt as to how popular these have been.

Apple is also reportedly offering £100 back to recent purchasers of the iPad.