New netwwork EE (Everything Everywhere) has issued us with some further information regarding its position as sole provider of 4G LTE networking technology in the UK.

iPhone customers on Orange and T-Mobile networks (the two networks combining to form EE) will start to see the EE symbol on their phones shortly. This indicates that they are now on the EE network, but it does not mean they are getting the new 4G service.

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However, this does not mean these customers will be getting 4G networking. An EE representative told us "they will only have access to 3G. In order to access 4G they will need to move over to EE. The process will be simple, and all that is required is a new SIM card and EE plan, which can be arranged with our service agents.Customers will not be charged for breaking their contract early, as long as they move to an equivalent priced and length plan on EE."

So it looks like anybody wanting a 4G LTE networked iPhone in the UK will need to move over to EE and take out a new contract. There is no word from EE on pricing information yet, or when the nano-SIM with 4G connectivity will be available.