Ex-Apple retail boss John Browett has become chief executive at Monsoon Accessorize after being dismissed from Apple during the company's executive shakeup in October.

The Guardian reports that the former senior vice president of retail at Apple, who was previously CEO of Dixons Retail, will now head up more than 1,000 Monsoon Accessorize stores across 74 countries, with more than 380 of those stores located in the UK and Ireland.

Browett left Dixons to head up Apple's retail in January 2012, becoming Apple CEO Tim Cook's first hire as head of the company. However, just seven months later, Browett was reportedly fired from Apple following some issue, including accidentally laying off numerous recently hired retail staff in August.

At the time, Browett admitted that Apple had "messed up" and that the company was on track to hiring new staff to meet pre-Christmas demand.

Monsoon founder Peter Simon said that Browett, who is set to start in his new role on 4 March, "has the skills and experience needed to take Monsoon and Accessorize to the next level."

Browett himself said: "I am really looking forward to this new opportunity. Monsoon Accessorize is a great company with an impressive heritage, a fundamental commitment to sustainable development and environmental awareness and such talented designers, management and staff at every level."

October's Apple management shakeup also saw iOS boss Scott Forstall leave Apple, with reports suggesting that he was fired for poor Apple Maps and Siri.

Apple has yet to hire a new head of retail, but Cook himself is said to be taking responsibility for the retail division while be looks for a replacement for Browett.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on 12 February, Cook said that the companies retail stores are "the face of Apple" and that he will continue to invest in them. SEE: Is Apple to blame for the High Street's struggles?

"There's no better place to discover, explore, and learn about our products than in retail," he said. "Our team members there are the most amazing, awesome, incredible people on earth. It's the best retail experience. It's a retail experience where you walk in and you realise the store is not here for the purpose of selling, it's here for the purpose of serving."

"And so the Genius Bar helps you not only with an issue, but it helps you get more out of your Apple products over the life of them," Cook continued. "The store acts as a gathering place. It's a place that has an important role in the community. And so if you look at an agenda on an Apple Store for any given day, you might find that there is a youth program going on where kids from a local elementary school are coming in the store as part of their field trip. You might find that there's a local musician that's entertaining people in that store on that night. It's incredibly exciting what these stores do."

Apple is working on expanding its international retail business, opening stores in a number of new countries including Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia. With 30 new stores planned, the total of Apple high street stores will be more than 400 across the globe.

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