An Australian politician is calling for Apple to be quizzed about its hardware and software prices publicly, and in front of a parliamentary committee.

Apple has already made a confidential submission to the committee and attended a hearing on Tuesday behind closed doors.

Federal Labor backbencher Ed Husic isn’t happy that the investigations are being done in private.

"At some point down the track I think it would beneficial for them and their customers to be a sort of public discussion wherever possible," he told ITWeek.

Husic has been pushing for the IT pricing inquiry for a year. He told The Age: “People here scratch their heads trying to work out why they get fleeced on software downloads”.

So far three public submissions have been made (including Microsoft), and three private (including Apple’s).

Apple is often accused of ripping off UK shoppers with higher prices. However, many forget to add VAT at 20% to the converted US price, which doesn’t include tax. There are also additional costs associated with doing business in the UK, according to Apple.


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