We have seen how social media networks can help reunite owners with their lost pets such as the famous Twitter lost dog story. However, it really is a surprise that Bob Russell managed to find his stolen car after 42 years, through an auction on eBay.

Bob Russell relied on his memory, keys and license registration of his stolen vehicle to help him track down his stolen car. With great luck and perseverance he finally found his beloved Austin Healey.

Bob, who currently resides in Texas, had his car stolen back in 1970 and after a long wait and lots of searching he finally found his Austin Healey motor on eBay. Bob began his stolen motor hunt through the web and told the Dallas Morning News “Ever since eBay showed up, I’d check it periodically.” He had originally bought the fashionable car for $3,000 and saw that the bid on eBay for it was $19,700.

Luckily for Bob, he still owned the keys and the license registration for the Austin Healey to prove that he in fact is the owner of the stolen motor. Unfortunately Los Angeles Police couldn’t help Bob in returning his car to him, as it wasn’t listed as an active stolen car in their database. Soon after, with a lot of correspondence between Bob and the police, the car was impounded and Bob had to pay a small price of $600 for it to be released.  

His devotion to the car and the faith in his search reunited him with his Austin Healey. Although it may not be in the best condition at the moment, Bob plans to repair the brakes and restore its original beauty.

Thanks to the developing world of technology and the great uses of the internet, people are being able to do a lot more than just surf the web. Through social media networks and auction websites such as eBay, people end up finding their lost or stolen personal valuables. They can even catch criminals through new services such as iCloud. We’ve previously reported how an iCloud user who had her iPhone stolen managed to track the thief by the photos they were taking on her phone. Because the iPhone was hooked up to Apple’s iCloud, photos taken with the device were being streamed to Katy McCaffrey’s account.