Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney stars in the latest iTunes ad to appear on US network television.

'Macca' appears in the ad to sing Dance Tonight, the title track from his latest album. Memory Almost Full.

The advertisement features pastel backgrounds with a non-silhouetted McCartney singing and dancing along a traditional English street.

Apple posted the ad briefly online, though the ad itself is no longer functional as of this morning.

Visitors to the webpage will see the song and artist named, but appear unable to access the video.

The move to feature the Sir Paul in an iTunes ad is bound to set tongues wagging in hope of an imminent online debut for Beatles catalogue music.

Olivia Harrison, the widow of the late George Harrison, recently warned Beatles fans that the online release of Beatles catalogue may not now take place until next year.

McCartney's iTunes link is an odd one. The singer recently slated the rise of the MP3 player. Speaking to Contact Music, he berated such devices for cutting listeners off from nature.

"The thing is, you get sealed off from the world, and that's fine when you're making a record. But, when you're actually just walking around, you're gonna miss birdsong, and that's so special," he said.