Just under one in five (19.8 percent) respondents to a PC Advisor (Macworld's sister publication) poll stated that Apple Macs are "superior" to Windows PCs.

The survey asked the question 'Mac versus PC: where do you stand?'.

The most popular answer, with 27.4 percent, was 'I prefer PCs because Macs cost too much', closely followed by '100 percent Windows PC. I would never buy an Apple Mac' (26.8 percent).

"I've noticed that anyone who owns a Mac immediately feels the need to justify this by extolling its virtues, and rubbishing Windows PCs," commented forum member Pineman100. "I have yet to see any convincing evidence that Macs are any more reliable than PCs."

AL47 added: "Same things as usual: Macs are more expensive and less tinkerable. That's it for me to be honest. Won't ever have a Mac."

A further 16.1 percent admitted that they 'prefer PCs because I've never used a Mac'.

But a surprisingly high 19.8 percent of respondents ticked the option 'I prefer Macs - they're superior to PCs'.

Apple iMac

"I've used both systems and find my iMac to be more reliable, better built, a stranger to the BSOD [blue screen of death] and more user-friendly than a windows PC," wrote Brumas. "What's more, there is no cumbersome, bulky, space-hogging tower, as everything is contained in the monitor. I won't go on!"

The voting was completed by 6.1 percent plumping for 'Neither - I'm a Linux man (or woman)', and 3.7 percent ticking 'Don't know/other'.

Based on 1372 votes, 1st September 2010. Have your say in the poll, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.