A PC Advisor poll (Macworld's sister publication) has found that an astonishing 18.4 percent of respondents plan to buy an Apple Mac.

The survey was entitled 'My next computer will be a..." Around three-quarters (74 percent) plumped for the answer 'Windows PC'.

Forum member canarieslover answered: "Another Windows PC to enable me to carry on using my not inconsiderable investment in software that runs under Windows... Old habits die hard."

"I like and use Linux, but when I buy my next computer it will be Microsoft Windows simply because so much of my software base requires it," agreed dms_05. "In any case Windows has performed faultlessly for me over the years - but I do like Linux."

Apple iMac

But a surprisingly high 18.4 percent went for 'Apple Mac'.

"Just bought an iMac!" reported john 52. "Had been looking at the Sony all in one but found the price difference not huge, and so far very pleased with the ease of set up."

The remaining 7.7 percent answered 'Linux system'.

"I've been using Linux for too long. I can see no good reason to switch to Windows," commented octal.

Based on 392 votes, 20 August 2010. Have your say in the poll, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.