Lancashire based Pendle Products has introduced a new stand for Apple's best-selling tablet computer.

The Pendle iPad Stand allows the iPad to be used at two angles: inclined and reclined, the company insisting different tasks are better suited to one angle or the other.

The stand can be changed from one position to the other quickly, and comes with full dock connector access for docking and charging.

The Pendle iPad Stand promises a compact footprint suitable for any desktop and is equipped with rubber and plastic supports to avoid marking or scratching your iPad or desk.

Finished in silver, the stand is billed as being super strong. The stable laser cut steel design is manufactured in the UK. The The Pendle iPad Stand is shipping now for £29.99.

Pendle iPad Stand
Pendle Products also offers a selection of ergonomic laptop stands compatible with Apple's MacBook range. The Pendle regular laptop stand is suitable for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks, while the large is best suited for the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

According to the makers, the stands have been designed to be as solid and stable as possible. Wide legs promises great strength and stiffness and create a space for storing accessories such as external drives and mice. Large holes cut into the sides enable you to pass cables through to help keep your desk tidy.

A review of the Pendle laptop stand can be found here.

Pendle iPad Stand

More information and delivery details on all stands can be found at

The company is currently looking for retail and online partners both in the UK and abroad.