The full release version of Peter Gabriel’s free music recommendation software for Macs is shipping this week.

Available until now in beta, The Filter is free music recommendation software that builds playlists using songs in your iTunes library.

Users only need assign a couple of their songs to be analysed by the software, and The Filter will automatically create an accurate playlist of related songs.

Playlists can be saved into iTunes and carried on an iPod. They can also be automatically refreshed whenever you sync your music player.

The Filter is also capable of analysing your music tastes to recommend new music it thinks you will like, furnishing links to purchase pages on iTunes..

A users own MyFilter page provides related content, biographies and YouTube videos to enhance the music experience.

Following the launch of iTunes Plus, The Filter can also understand some iTunes purchases without previous restrictions. 

The Filter was developed by Bath UK based company Exabre and is backed by a team that includes Peter Gabriel and OD2 founder, Charles Grimsdale.

The Filter for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.4, a G4 or later processor and 512MB of memory. It's also available for Windows XP and the Nokia Series 60 mobile phones.