French designer Phillippe Starck revealed that he was working on a secret, "revolutionary" project for Apple on a radio show on Friday. Starck said that the product would be announced within the next eight months.

Don't get too excited though, because despite initial speculation that the project Starck mentions could be an Apple branded television set, it is more likely to be a luxury yacht that Starck was working on with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs before he died.

That's according to All Things D, who claims that when asked to comment on Starck's revelation, an Apple spokeswoman said that the company is not working with Starck on any project or product.

The yacht, which is being built in the Netherlands by Feadship, was mentioned in Walter Isaacson's official biography of Steve Jobs, where it was described as "revolutionary". It is believed that work has continued on the yacht since Jobs' death, at the request of Jobs' widow Laurene Powell. The yacht is described by Isaacson as minimalist and sleek, with 40-foot long glass walls.

It's not all bad news though, as Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted visiting video game designer Valve, leading to speculation that Apple is working on its own games console.