USA Today has published a joint interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson - looking at today's hot topic, the iPhone.

Jobs declares: "Mobile devices are really important to people. It's not like this is an obscure product category that affects just a small part of the population."

He confirms that millions of people have looked at the demo videos of iPhone features on the Apple website, observing that one 25-minute long video has attracted five million views.

He argues that making advanced technology that people can intuitively learn to use is essential.

Stephenson uses the interview to declare iPhone a "game-changer". "It will change how people think about these handsets."

On criticism of the decision to favour an Edge network in the first version of the iPhone, Stephenson observes: "We're selling tens of thousands of Blackberries which use Edge". Jobs meanwhile stresses iPhone's support for WiFi.

Jobs also confirms plans to introduce solutions for corporate users: "you'll hear more about this in the coming weeks," he tells USA Today.

Jobs also confirms Apple to have been working on the iPhone for three years, and expresses much optimism for the device: "We wanted to make a phone so great, you couldn't imagine going anywhere without it. That was our goal, and we think we achieved it. That's why we have such butterflies in our stomach. We'll get to see Friday if people agree with us."

You can read the full interview with both men here.