Photographs that surfaced online on Monday appear to show a prototype version of a Logitech gaming controller designed for the iPhone 5.

The controller is an Apple-certified 'Made for iPhone' accessory, according to Kotaku, which cites anonymous sources in its report. "Can't tell you who gave it to us or where it was seen, but we can vouch for this image's authenticity," the report reads.

The images show a Lightning equipped controller with a circular D-pad on the left and five buttons on the right, which will be used to carry out associated actions while playing games on the iPhone.

During WWDC last week, Apple revealed that it would be working with Logitech and Moga on hardware designs for game controllers, as iOS 7 will bring third-party controller support to the iPhone when it arrives in autumn.

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Should the image prove to be legitimate, it could indicate that Apple's next iPhone, which is expected to arrive alongside iOS 7 this autumn, will have the same dimensions as the current iPhone 5. See: New iPhone 6, iPhone 5S to have same screen, in-store screen machines suggest

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