Images have emerged showing what could be the backplate of the Apple’s rumoured 7in iPad.

ZooGue reports that an anonymous source sent the photographs to the blog, claiming that the part shown in the images belongs to the “iPad nano,” also dubbed the “iPad mini” by many experts.

According to the report, the smaller iPad will not be the 7.85in previously predicted, but a slightly smaller 7.58in diagonally.

The photographs also show what appears to be the same smaller dock connector that has been spotted on leaked parts that allegedly belong to the next-generation iPhone.

ZooGue’s source said that we should expect to see the smaller tablet unveiled by Apple CEO Tim Cook at his WWDC keynote on Monday.

The iPad mini has been talked about for some time, but continues to be viewed with some scepticism following Steve Jobs’ dismissal of the idea. However, Tim Cook did not dismiss the idea at D10 in May, and when faced with questions about the smaller iPad, he simply grinned. “Whenever we can do fantastic products and they have different price points, we’ll do that, we don’t have a religion about making one product,” he added.

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