Adobe has launched an iPhone version of its Photoshop Touch app, late 2012 Macs are said to be subject to a bug that prevents OS X re-installs and restore from Time machine backups, Samsung has unveiled 'Samsung Wallet' that looks a lot like Apple's Passbook, and Apple has rolled out iTunes in the Cloud support for movies in 11 new countries.

Here, we bring you the remains of the day for Thursday 28 February.

Adobe Photoshop Touch arrives on iPhone

Adobe has released an iPhone version of its Photoshop Touch app, the mobile version of the company's Photoshop software that was previously only available on the iPad.


The iPhone app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store for £2.99, while the iPad version will set you back £6.99.

Using the app, iPhone owners can now use popular Photoshop features such as layers, selection tools, adjustments and filters on their smartphone.

Late 2012 Macs experiencing issue that prevents OS X re-install and restore from Time Machine backups

According to MacTrast, Apple's late 2012 Macs, including the new iMacs, the latest Mac mini, and the 13in and15in Retina MacBook Pro models have been experiencing problems when attempting to re-install Mountain Lion on their computer, or restoring from a Time Machine backup.

MacTrast's report claims that the newest Macs are unable to re-download the Mountain Lion installer from the Mac App Store, and eventually display error messages that state the Mac is not compatible with the operating system, despite having shipped with it installed.

Once coming across this problem, Mac owners might attempt to reinstall Mountain Lion by using the Recovery partition to install a Time Machine backup.

It's thought that the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 update, which has been in beta since November, could address the issue.

Samsung unveils Passbook like 'Wallet'

Samsung has announced its new Samsung Wallet app that enables users to store their gift cards, boarding passes, tickets and more in one place on a smartphone. The app is expected to be launched with the Samsung Galaxy S4 on 14 March.

As noted by Business Insider, Samsung Wallet has a striking resemblance to Apple's Passbook app, which was unveiled as part of iOS 6 last year, even down to the layout of the app.

iTunes in the Cloud support for movies comes to new countries

Apple has rolled out movie support for iTunes in the Cloud in 11 European countries, including Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, reports The Next Web.

Of those countries, France was the only one to receive iTunes in the Cloud for TV Shows this week.

Overall, Apple lists more than 80 countries that now have iTunes in the Cloud support for movies, while just Australia, Canada, UK, US and now France have both movies and TV shows support.

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