Holocore has introduced PictureSync 1.6, introducing reliability and functionality enhancements and more.

PictureSync is a utility to simplify the process of annotating and sharing photographs and video clips. It lets users upload image collections to online galleries, photoblogs and print services in one click, while preserving their metadata. You can use PictureSync with iPhoto, iView MediaPro, Aperture, or other applications.

Most major image services are supported, including: 23, BubbleShare, Buzznet, Club Photo, Flickr, Fotki, FotoTime, Sony ImageStation, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Smugmug, Textamerica, Vimeo, Webshots and Zoto.

PictureSync integrates an annotation editor for editing captions and keywords, and supports Spotlight search. It remembers uploads so users can update previously uploaded pictures without uploading duplicates.

Additional features include colour conversion, resizing for faster uploads, auto-rotation, metadata customisation and rules, and direct support for service specific-features such as albums and tagging.

The Universal applicaton now supports geocoding with Google Earth, and supports both Aperture and Lightroom.

The company also confirmed it is developing a Windows version of the application, which it hopes to launch at Christmas.

PictureSync costs $14, though a fully functional trial version is available.