Pinnacle Systems has introduced its latest Pinnacle SoundBridge HomeMusic network music player at an affordable price of only £99.99.

The system connects to your home stereo system or powered speakers to play stored digital music from your Mac or PC using your Wi-Fi home network.  You can also listen to thousands of free internet radio stations — even when your computer is off.
The system is powered by Roku software and can be navigated using the supplied remote control. Using the remote control and the display panel on the front of the HomeMusic unit, users can browse large libraries easily, and search for Song Title, Artist, Album, Composer and Keyword. They can also create ad hoc playlists to suit their mood.

The system can't play tracks purchased from the iTunes Store, because Apple won't license its DRM technology to other companies.

SoundBridge HomeMusic is compact enough to fit onto a bookshelf, kitchen counter or bedside table.  Installation is plug-and-play so it’s extremely quick and easy to set up and use.
It supports iTunes (via free downloadable server software), Windows Media Connect and Windows Media Player 10, Napster and PlaysForSure.  It's compatible with WMA, AAC, MP3, AIFF and WAV music file formats. SD card slots let users listen to their favourite music with the PC switched off.
The system is available now from Currys and Amazon.