When a popular site introduces a new design, complaints are inevitable. But designers don't often make changes or bring back old features just to satisfy users.

Pinterest on Thursday tweaked its new design, barely a month old, in response to user feedback. A few favorites are returning.

Mentions (tagging friends using the "@" before their name) and finding Facebook and Twitter friends on Pinterest will make a comeback. A little tweak, being able to see a pin immediately after pinning it, is also resurfacing.

The online bulletin board also made a few improvements to the redesign, like adding more notifications to the Recent Activity drop-down bar and expanding search options so when you're searching for flowers, you might also get recommendations for flower arrangements or flower cakes instead of just...flowers.

The changes are already available; just click "Get it now" at the top of your feed. A tool that will tell you when new pins are added to your feed will roll out soon.

In a Thursday blog post, Pinterest also floated ideas of future changes that the site's devoted fans have suggested.

"We know there are other things you'd like to see on Pinterest - like the ability to rearrange your pins, search for your pins, know when you've pinned something already, or create a board within a board," Pinterest product manager Cory Carpenter wrote. "We take these suggestions to heart, but it's tricky to make them work for everyone. Some people don't have a lot of pins, for example, so they don't need boards within boards. We're listening, though, and we'll keep looking for ways to organize your stuff on Pinterest."

Pinterest also rolled out redesigned iOS and Android apps in March, but it's unclear if those designs will be changed or tweaked, too.

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