Created by The Pixel Farm, developers of film industry-renowned VFX software, AirGrade for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad promises creativity with colour to everyone via, a new and free colour-grading engine.

The free app offers the ability to colour grade images emulating professional film and TV grading tools insist the makers. To grade an image using AirGrade, users roll a 3D trackball and rotate a radial wheel on their iPhone to adjust precise tonal ranges using Lift, Gamma, Gain controls – recognised by professional colourists as Shadow, Midtone and Highlights – plus a Saturation control for overall colour intensity. The result appears interactively on a Mac based computer, and on any other connected monitoring device, such as a digital projector. A shake of the iPhone resets the parameters, allowing a fresh grade to be made.

When the desired colour grade has been achieved, AirGrade's colour engine saves the grading data, in the universally-recognised ASC CDL format (.ccc file) that allows colour decisions to be transferred between colour grading and finishing solutions, and this data can be exported for professional use. The graded image is saved simultaneously to the iPhone's photo album, useful as a potentially fast visual reference.

AirGrade for iPhone

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, AirGrade is free and the requires iOS 3.1.3 Software Update or later.

The Pixel Farm manufactures and markets image-processing technologies that promise to meet the demands of professionals working in the motion picture, broadcast TV and interactive entertainment industries. The company, headquartered in the UK, was established in 2002 by a management team with decades of experience in developing some of the world's most advanced 2D and CG effects systems.

The company's products, which address VFX, DI and restoration, are designed to integrate into post production pipelines, whilst supporting creativity and maximising productivity. For more information visit

 AirGrade for iPhone