PopCap has announced that the iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies has got a big new update. The update adds nine new minigames taken from the computer versions of the game; a new microgame; and new Game Center achievements.

The 9 new minigames come in packs of 3 and can be purchased either using coins acquired in game or by paying £0.69 per pack to unlock them instantly. The first of the three packs includes Walnut Bowling, Seeing Stars and Bobsled Bonanza. The second includes Invisi-Ghoul, Last Stand and ZomBotany 2. The final pack includes Beghouled Twist, Pogo Party and Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick.

The update also includes a "Race to China" microgame challenging players to dig their way to China as quickly as possible with the promise of Game Center achievements for the victorious.

Update your copy of Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone today to get hold of the new content.