Eyedip announced the release of Pocket Devil HD - Hell Yeah! for iPad at midnight on Friday 13.

Pocket Devil HD allows players to summon hordes of devilish underlings. Players then completely annihilate them, one by one, choosing from a variety of torture methods and a vast assortment of weaponry.

Points and trophies are earned in mini-games which can be played alongside the main underworld. Mini-games include 'Mugat2 Slapfest', a whack-a-mole inspired game which has the user backhand as many minions as possible in sixty seconds, and 'Mugat2 Halfpipe Skateboarding' in which the player tries to pull off as many gnarly tricks as possible to score points.

Customisable options include the ability to choose from a number of heads for The Mugat2 or an in-app-purchase option to upload a photo of your choice.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Pocket Devil HD - Hell Yeah! costs £1.79 and requires the iPhone 3.2 Software Update or later.

Eyedip adds the iPhone version of Pocket Devil is offered free today only. Get it here.

Pocket Devil HD