Apple tallied $43.6 billion in sales for its fiscal second quarter--a record for the company's March quarter--and saw a net profit of $9.6 billion. So naturally, Wall Street has decided that Apple is doomed.

But is it? We talk Apple's fortunes in this edition of the Macworld Podcast, as senior editor Dan Moren and editorial director Jason Snell join me in making sense of all the numbers thrown out as part of this week's earnings announcement. We explain why the picture's not as bleak as Wall Street might paint, address some areas of concern, and even spend some time talking about those forthcoming product announcements Tim Cook hinted at during his remarks with analysts.

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Show Notes

You can follow along with our talk of revenue and income by reading Macworld's report on Apple's second-quarter earnings news. We also live-blogged Apple's conference call with analysts and offered an edited transcript of Tim Cook's remarks.

Speaking of Tim Cook, we also mention his promise of a professional Mac sometime in 2013. Will it appear before the fall rollout of new products that Cook promised on Tuesday--say at this June's Worldwide Developers Conference? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out.

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