Apple's held three big events so far in 2019, and launched a lot of new products, but there are plenty of rumoured Apple products still be unveiled that we could see before the end of 2019.

In this article we'll take a look at what else we can expect from Apple in 2019 before moving on to 2020 and what new products Apple could launch next year. But first we'll look back on what Apple's launched in 2019 so far.

What Apple's launched in 2019

iPhone 11: A successor to the iPhone Xr with 6.1in screen and two rear cameras.

iPhone 11 Pro: A 5.8in successor to the iPhone XS with a third rear camera.

iPhone 11 Pro Max: A 6.5in successor to the iPhone XS Max, also with a third rear camera. 

Apple Watch Series 5: A new brushed titanium case option, a new always-on display and a built-in compass.

10.2in iPad: The new model has a bigger display, but not much else has changed compared to the 2018 model.

'New' MacBook Air: lower price, slightly improved screen, no change to the specs.

MacBook Pro: whole line up has been revamped, now the top of the range model offers 8-cores, while the entry-level models now have Touch Bars and decent specs.

iPod touch: You might have thought the iPad was relic of another time. Turns out Apple's not ready to give up on it yet, with a new model launching in May.

AirPods 2: The update to Apple's wireless headphones meant they could be wirelessly charged...Unfortunately there was no AirPower product from Apple to charge them as the company cancelled that previously announced project. Read about what happened to AirPower here.

iMac: The iMac was updated in March, more than a year after the previous update. The entry-level iMac is still unchanged and lacking a Retina display.

iPad Air & iPad mini: These iPads were updated in March - the big surprise here was the return of the Air.

Subscription Services: We already know that 2019 will be the year Apple widens its services offerings as the company has revealed its plans for Apple TV+, News+, Apple Arcade, and even an Apple Card, as it looks for alternative ways to make money now that a saturated market means it can rely less on iPhone sales.

2019 still has lots of exciting new Apple products to come, with at least one more special event in the wings, but before we move on to what Apple will launch in 2019, there's one product Apple has turned its back on:

MacBook: The MacBook has been discontinued by Apple. Now that Apple has given life to the MacBook Air there is no real need for the MacBook which confused the line up somewhat by being like a more expensive less powerful competitor to the Air. Looking to the future we may see the MacBook return, but it's gone for now.

What else is Apple releasing in 2019?

Apple has already granted us a peek at the Mac Pro and its accompanying Pro Display at WWDC 2019, due to launch later this year, but let's not forget all the other long-rumoured devices to which Apple has so far turned a blind eye. Rumours are heating up about a 16in MacBook Pro for one thing. (Find out when is the next Apple event.)

We've donned our prognostication hats and investigated every rumour and trend we could find to bring you our predictions for 2019, 2020 and beyond. Read on to find out what could be in store, from new iPhones, iPads and Macs, enhancements to the software, and some exciting news in terms of music and TV.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

The 2019 iPad Pro could launch with a new processor, but Apple may hold off until spring 2020 for a more significant update.

You can find out more about what's expected from the New iPad Air here.

When? October 2019 or spring 2020

Apple TV

Apple TV

With Apple's new TV+ service via which it will deliver new TV shows and movies, launching this autumn it seems likely that the Apple TV will see a revamp. We may even see a cheaper Apple TV stick launch, which could help it get Apple's content out to the masses.

Although as more and more TV manufacturers add support for AirPlay 2 to their sets, maybe there will be no need for the Apple TV set-top box in the future.

When? October 2019, to coincide with November Apple TV+ launch


New AirPods arrived earlier in 2019 (read our AirPod 2 review here), but that doesn't mean Apple's done with the AirPods for the year.

New AirPods with improved water resistance and noise cancellation could arrive before 2019 is over, but we think we'll be waiting until Spring 2020. Read about the AirPods 3 here.

When? Probably spring 2020


Apple is also said to be working on over-the-ear headphones to accompany its AirPods and the EarPods - the other earphones Apple makes.

Read all the news about the StudioPods here.

When? Probably spring 2020

HomePod 2


There's one more *Pod hopefully coming our way in 2019. We expect Apple to update the HomePod - although it's not really clear what the company could do to improve the speaker, other than make it cheaper.

There are rumours that Apple could launch a smaller, cheaper HomePod in a bid to better compete with Amazon and Google. A cheaper device would certainly help it sell a few more of the Siri-powered speakers.

Alternatively, a Siri-powered Beats speaker could make an appearance.

Alternatively, Apple could give up on the HomePod and push Apple Music on to competitor smart speakers - Apple Music is already compatible with the Amazon Echo, for example. Read: How to get Apple Music on Amazon Echo.

Here's everything we know about HomePod 2.

When? Probably spring 2020

Mac Pro

Apple revealed the new Mac Pro on stage at WWDC 2019 but the new machine won't go on sale before the autumn. It returns the look of Apple's most powerful computer to the look of the 'cheese grater' first generation Mac Pro after the second generation 'trash can' version that has just been retired.

Available with 8-28 cores and specs that elevate it above the iMac Pro, the Mac Pro (confused?) will go on sale from Autumn. It'll costs from $5,999 and the cheapest display is $4,999. Ouch.

When? September or October 2019

New Apple display

Alongside the new Mac Pro, Apple revealed a new 6K display that costs $4,999 - and another $999 if you want a stand for it. Read more about the new Apple display here.

It's got a jaw-dropping price to match the Mac Pro, but the market for it is very niche.

When? September or October 2019

16in MacBook Pro

Some MacBook Pro models were updated in May 2019, and then the entry-level models gained new processors and the Touch Bar in July 2019. Unfortunately the July update to the range was also an opportunity for Apple to up prices in the UK.

That doesn't mean that Apple's done with the MacBook Pro for 2019. There are rumours that we'll soon be seeing a new 16in MacBook Pro with 4K display. Read about the new 16in MacBook Pro.

This new MacBook Pro may see a return to the older-style scissor-switch keyboard that pre-dated Apple's troubled butterfly-mechanism keyboard. The butterfly keyboard is plagued by an issue where the whole keyboard needs to be replaced if a bit of dust gets trapped under one key. Apple has a repair program for anyone affected by the issue, but it seems all attempts to solve the design problem have failed so the company is set to return to the original design. Read about the problems with the Mac laptop keyboard here.

When? September or October 2019

MacBook Air

2018 MacBook Air

Like the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air was updated in July. However, this was a minor update. There was actually no change at all to the spec, aside from the addition of True Tone, a screen feature.

It seems that July 2019 was more of an opportunity for Apple to drop prices across the range (by £100/$100) and remove the old-tyle Air from sale in the run up to Back To School shopping season.

With the problems with the existing keyboard there are rumours that a new MacBook Air could launch before the end of 2019 with a new keyboard, but we would be quite surprised if that happens.

When? June 2020

Mac mini

The Mac mini saw some much-needed love at Apple's October 2018 event. Featuring a new Space Grey finish, the new Mac mini continues its theme of packing a whole lot of power into a tiny package.

Could 2019 bring an update to the Mac mini? You can read about the next Mac mini here.

When? October 2019 or spring 2020

iOS 13

Apple announced iOS 13 at WWDC. A Dark Mode and privacy features like Sign in with Apple are some of the new features.

Read about iOS 13 here.

When? September 2019


Apple has split iPad software into a new operating system called iPadOS. It will bring similar updates but also specific iPad features like widgets on the home screen, multiple windows for the same apps and more.

When? September 2019

macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina will bring the ability to use the iPad as a second screen for a Mac. It will also replace iTunes with a Music app and brings the TV app to the Mac.

Read about what new features will arrive with macOS Catalina here.

When? October 2019


Not to forget Apple's other two OSs, the company revealed its forthcoming to tvOS at WWDC 2019.

When? September2019


Apple also revealed the significant updates coming to watchOS 6 at WWDC 2019.

When? September 2019

What will Apple announce in 2020

A lot of those products mentioned above may not appear until 2020, in addition there are many other products that definately won't appear until 2020, read on to find out what's in the pipeline... 

iPhone SE 2

Apple discontinued the smaller iPhone SE in September 2018, leaving many iPhone fans complaining about the lack of a small and cheap iPhone handset. There are those who feel even the 4.7in iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 is too big.

It's no surprise therefore that there are calls for Apple to launch an iPhone SE2, a follow up to the 4in iPhone SE model that was introduced in March 2016.

Every time we think that its days are numbered a new rumour surfaces about the new iPhone SE, so maybe it has a future. If the new model launches it is likely to keep the existing, classic design, but feature upgraded internals such as the A10 chip found in the iPhone 7 and a more powerful camera.

There are even reports that it could get an iPhone X-style look, but we're not sure Apple is ready to bring Face ID to its entry-level iPhone just yet.

Read more here: iPhone SE 2 release date

When? spring 2020

Apple predictions 2018: iPhone SE 2

iPhone 5G

Speaking of iPhones, there shoudl be a big change coming to iPhones in 2020. Apple is said to be set to introduce 5G-capable iPhones.

We have lots of information about the 5G iPhone here.

When? September 2020

AR Glasses

Apple's interest in augmented reality could mean we can buy Apple Glasses as soon as 2020!

It certainly sounds like Apple's working on some sort of VR headset or augmented reality device and we could see more in 2020.

When? WWDC 2020

Mac with Apple-made processor

It's long been rumoured that Apple plans to eventually stop relying on Intel's processors, bringing processor development in house. The company already makes the processors for the iPhone and iPad, and some secondary processors for Macs (the T2 chip, for example), but 2020 could see Apple launch its first Mac with an Apple CPU.

Back in 2018 there were rumours that Apple is planning to use its own chips in Mac computers beginning as early as 2020.

This new Mac could potentially run iOS alongside macOS.

Read more about this project, or projects, which have codenames of Star and Kalamata here.

When? WWDC 2020

Apple Car

The Apple Car was the hot rumour of 2016, but it's since emerged that Apple has scaled back its ambitions on this front but something is definitely happening in the motoring field. The company is said to have had up to 1,000 developers working on the so-called Project Titan, and to have set up various different front companies, including Faraday Futures and Sixty Eight Research.

Industry chatter suggests 2020 is a possible date for a launch - which sounds crazy to us. But, if this is correct, it might be worth holding back on upgrading to your existing run-around until then.

Apple predictions 2018: Apple Car

When? Depends... Is it really a car or just software?