Propellerhead has announced ReBirth is now available for Apple's iPad.

Originally released in 1997, ReBirth was the first music software to reproduce the sound and behaviour of the famous trio of Roland devices that defined the early sound of techno and acid house - the TB-303 Bassline Synth, and the TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm composers.

ReBirth for iPad offers the following features:

TR-808 Drum machine
Roland's sub-heavy 1980 beat computer. Instant hip-hop.

TR-909 Drum machine
The go-to beatbox for everything House and Techno.

Tempo-synced digital delay
Bouncy and hypnotic, always in time with your music.

Compressor with threshold and ratio
A bare-bones compression unit for added beefiness.

Distortion unit with amount and shape
Raw and rugged distortion for that extra edge. Works wonders with any 303 bassline.

PCF effect
Pattern controlled Low-pass / Band-pass filter - a tweaker's delight.

Device specific mixer sections with pan, delay sends and FX switches.

Mod support
Includes 7 original user mods with alternative sound sets and graphics.

Sharing features
Share function with easy publication of songs to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

ReBirth for iPad

"The iPad gives us the platform we always dreamed of when we conceived ReBirth nearly fifteen years ago," said Ernst Nathorst- Boos, CEO of Propellerhead Software.

"Now, truly anyone can sound like a dance music hero and have a great time doing it."

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, ReBirth for iPad costs £8.99 and requires the iOS 3.2 Software Update or later.