iPhone cases are ten a penny, and not a day goes by when we don't receive press releases about purportedly 'stylish' iPhone cases that are clearly targetting the sense of style of the ultra-dull businessman or Katie Price. But these faux vintage iPhone 4/4S clutch cases from Proporta and Lalita are genuinely appealing.

Earlier this year, gadget case designer Proporta and vintage accessories seller Lalita hooked up to create a series of cases lined with vintage ties. These were sent to Stephen Fry, Lauren Laverne, and Jason Bradbury and Polly Vernon from Channel 5's The Gadget Show as a promotion. Since then, the two companies have created commercialiy available versions of the designs, replacing the vintage ties with 'inspired' recreations.

The main part of the case is handmade from leather; feature neat cutouts that give you access to the screen, buttons and charging hole, and have a a wrist strap to stop it falling on the floor while you put jam on your scones or order another Old Fashioned. From the press shots, they are best accompanied by vintage dresses and a trip to the seaside.

There are four coloured designs, costing £44.95 apiece.