The lawyers who took on Proview’s case against Apple haven’t been paid and are now suing the company.

Proview was paid $60 million by Apple to settle the case. According to Grandall Law Firm, Proview refused to pay up the promised 4 percent of Apple’s settlement fee, which equates to $2.4 million, according to Sina Tech, via Engadget. 

Proview founder Yang Rongshan said that the accusation is: "Nonsense." He claims that his company isn't obliged to pay back immediately as it isn't under normal operation right now, according to Engadget’s report.

Proview is bankrupt and therefore not operating under normal circumstances and doesn’t have to pay the money right now, notes Forbes.

The dispute hang on whether Apple had the right to the name iPad in China. Apple contended that it bought the iPad trademark rights from Proview in 2009, however it was a subsidiary of Proview in Taiwan. The Shenzhen-based Proview didn't attend any trademark negotiations with Apple, or formally transfer the trademark rights, meaning the contract is not legally binding.


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