Pzizz Technology has announced a short sale on the pzizz sleep and pzizz relax applications for iPhone and iPod touch.

"I'm delighted to announce that we recently released a version of our sleep module that runs natively on iPhone and iPod touch," the company announced in an email.

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"We normally sell this on our website for $39.95, but we're offering it on the iTunes Store for just $2.99."

Reduced to £1.79 each, the applications are designed to aid sleep, and help with insomnia,

A range of desktop and iPhone applications for Mac and PC.

According to the company, Pzizz uses neuro linguistic programming, music and sound effects and binaural beats to softly lull you to sleep. NLP is a system in which the brain is viewed as a computer that can be reprogrammed to think and feel in a way that helps people achieve specific goals.

"Because pzizz can generate more than 100 billion combinations of soundtrack - you're effectively getting access to a new relaxation CD and a new guided sleep CD - every day - for the rest of your life," runs the publicity blurb.

Pzizz sleep is currently the Number One Medical App in the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and USA.

Available from Apple iTunes App Store, pzizz sleep and pzizz relax require the iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update or later.