Quark will update App Studio to add support for producing publications at the 2,048 x 1,536 resolution of the new iPad, but hasn't said when.

We approached Quark to find out when the company would be releasing a version of App Studio that allows designers to create publications at the resolution of the new iPad. We also asked how Quark's publishing service would deliver 'new iPad' and 'iPad/iPad2' versions of the same title to different devices, and on average, how much extra space will a publication take up when working at the new resolution?

We've received this brief statement from Gavin Drake, vice president of Marketing at Quark.

"From our initial testing, existing App Studio apps will perform great on the new iPad," says Drake. "Currently apps will look just the same as they do on the iPad 2 however we expect to release an update to App Studio that will allow for apps optimized for the new iPad retina display."

Other publishing system developers have been more forthcoming with their plans – including Adobe, Aquafadas and Mag+. We've asked Quark for more details and will update this story when we receive them.

Read about Aquafadas's plans for the New iPad here. (Aquafadas is the company behind the Digital Publishing System (on which App Studio for QuarkXPress is built).