A quick-thinking Apple store employee pulled the brakes on a kidnap after discreetly alerting police and manages to save a woman who had been kidnapped in Kentucky, US, reports CNET.

The incident took place on Saturday night, 4 August, at the Apple Store in Oxmoor Mall. Local radio station WDRB reported that the woman told police she had arranged to go on a date with the man whom she knows as “Greg”.

The woman claims he turned up at her doorsteps and pointed a gun to her leg. He then made her drive to various stores and forced her to make purchases of mobile phones with her credit card.

It was at the Apple Store that an opportunity arose for the woman to notify the store clerk about her plight. The clerk wasted no time in informing security, who called the police.

Police confirmed that 32-year-old Victor A. Sarver Jr. has been charged with kidnapping and robbery.