A new deal means UK podcasters will soon be able to legitimately include 30-second music previews within their transmissions.

RadioCentre, the body representing commercial radio companies in the UK and PPL, the music industry service company which licenses recorded music have reached the new detente, which allows recorded music to be used in the internet download of radio programmes.

The agreement will enable RadioCentre members to include up to thirty seconds of music per track – excluding voiceovers – in downloads of their radio programmes under a collective licence for a 12 month trial period which commences on 1 April. It is anticipated that commercial stations will begin including thirty second music clips in the download of their programmes very shortly afterwards.

"We are delighted to work with The RadioCentre and accommodate licences for developing models of radio going forward," said Fran Nevrkla, chairman and CEO, PPL & VPL. "This is a non-precedential deal covering the download of programmes to incorporate thirty second music clips and allows radio to evolve further as a growing medium in the twenty first century."

"This is a first for radio in the UK and a significant opportunity for RadioCentre members. In today's changing media landscape, flexible licensing for new media activities is the only way forward to enable us to compete in this fast paced digital world. This deal highlights how rights users and rights holders can work together for mutual gain. Commercial Radio is delighted to be leading the way in this area," said Andrew Harrison, chief executive of The RadioCentre.