The editor of the Radio Times, the third-bestselling TV listings magazine in the country, has spoken of his admiration for Apple's iPad.

Ben Preston told The Guardian he had bought an iPad recently and was impressed by its portability and ease of use, describing the device as a potential "game-changer."

"It's very generous of the Guardian to give me all their content for £2.30 [the Guardian iPhone app is priced at £2.39] and I hasten to add I still buy the paper every day, but I probably find myself using the app more than I use the paper and that's just in two weeks. That's mark one of the iPad. Imagine what it's going to be like in three or four years' time."

Preston also noted that while a £2.99 Radio Times app is available, he believes it can be greatly improved. Established in 1923, the Radio Times is the BBC's weekly television and radio programme listings magazine, which also provides free on-line listings.

Radio Times iPhone app

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