Radiohead are in discussion with Apple and iTunes with a view to make their already hugely successful In Rainbows album available for sale through the service.

It's a significant move and will most likely be a signal test of how much respect Apple is prepared to offer artists when it comes to giving music creators the right to determine how their music's sold online.

Until now very few tracks from the band have been made available through iTunes. That's because Radiohead want to sell their albums as a complete work, rather than allowing fans to cherry-pick selected songs.

It's being reported that Radiohead manager Bryce Edge told Billboard of the discussions.

The band will close down its In Rainbows download store later this week. The store allows fans to pay as much (or as little) as they want in exchange for downloading the critically-acclaimed album. Now, the band intend closing off this option as it prepares to release the album through conventional retail channels, on- and off-line.