This week's fun and fascinating news leftovers include a rare video from 1984 of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, a third-party WWDC 2013 ticket sales alert system, a bubble wrap portrait of the late Steve Jobs, and an Apple II+ made out of Lego.

Devs can pay to receive text or phone call when WWDC 2013 tickets go on sale

After tickets for last year's Worldwide Developers Conference sold out in just two hours, third-party alert systems have been created to help developers know when tickets go on sale.

Developer Oisin Prendiville has taken to Gumroad to offer developers the chance to have their phone number added to a text or phone queue that will alert them to the availability of WWDC 2013 tickets for a fee of €1. Developers can pay more to get bumped further up in the queue.

Prendiville promises to refund his customers' money if the tickets sell out before the messages are sent, reports The Next Web.

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Rare video of Steve Wozniak from 1984 rediscovered

A rare video from reportedly been rediscovered this week. The video (which you can watch a clip of below) features Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speaking about his time at college, Steve Jobs and the first Apple computer, during a presentation for the Denver Apple Pi computer club on 4 October 1984.

For the full set of videos, click here

[Via Apple Insider]

Bubble Wrap portrait of Steve Jobs created

Artist Bradley Hart has created a portrait of Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs by injecting paint into each individual bubble in a large sheet of bubble wrap.

Hart's other bubble wrap works include the LDC monitor test image and a scene of Amsterdam's Dam Square.

[Via Cult of Mac]

Apple II+ made out of Lego

Hong Kong based Lego builder Chiu-Kueng Tsang has created an impressive Lego version of an Apple II+ complete with clear bricks for the Apple Monitor III, floppy disk drives, the Apple logo sticker and a top that can be removed to reveal the computer's inner components.

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