iPad users can go desktop free when working with PDFs using Readdle's PDF Expert app, which has now been updated to PDF Expert 3.0.

PDF Expert 3.0 lets anyone read, sign or annotate PDFs on an iPad in the same way they would be able to if the documents were on paper. What paper can't do is copy and paste pages, add new pages or merge documents, but PDF Expert 3.0 can. PDF Expert 3.0 also enables users to fill in PDF forms, and is the only iPad application that currently has this feature.

The dedicated annotation toolbar in PDF Expert 3.0 is handy for students, or others that often need to write notes on documents. The toolbar includes a set of easy to access pen and marker tools, so you can add highlights, notes or simple drawings to the PDF to illustrate your thoughts. Plus, there are shape tools, such as line, arrow, rectangle and ellipse, to underline, circle or point to a particular word, paragraph or phrase that you'd like to remember.

There is a Page Management Preview that enables users to move, rotate or extract pages from PDF documents, using simple drag and drop and copy and paste methods. Here, users can also extract and email selected pages as a separate PDF.

Also new in PDF Expert 3.0 is brightness control, PDF stamps with transparency, a handy 'Recents' menu for switching between PDFs in viewer, and the option to clear all annotations. Plus, the app now works twice as fast as the previous version.

PDF Expert 3.0 is available from the Apple App Store for £6.99