Refurbished iPod nanos have fallen to half-price on the UK Apple Store.

While refurbished products sold by Apple are only available in limited companies, they do ship with a full manufacturer's guarantee, and are the match of any full-price iPod.

2GB models of iPod nano now cost £52 on the refurb store in contrast to their £99 normal retail price; 4GB models cost just £65, compare that to the product's £129 retail price. A black 8GB iPod nano costs £99, that's £70 less than the normal price.

Industry watchers are speculating the sharper than normal price cuts on refurbished iPod nanos sold through the Apple Store could herald an imminent reduction in price across the range.

Apple last week slightly reduced prices on some of its iPod range in Europe, and last month cut the cost of the iPod shuffle to just £32.

It's possible Apple needs to use price as a weapon to stimulate iPod sales, as consumers quietly migrate to the iPod touch and the iPhone.

The current financial quarter (which ends in March) is traditionally Apple's slowest iPod-selling quarter, and with the company's stock falling from a high of $200 this year to around $125, Apple is clearly under pressure to keep iPod sales numbers up.