Apple's skinny iMacs have been added to its US refurbished store, LinkedIn has given all of its employees an iPad mini, and Apple has been accused of ignoring its disliked podcasts app.

Here are the news leftovers for Tuesday 19 February.

Refurbished 2012 iMacs

Apple has added 21.5in models of its new iMac to its refurbished store in the US, offering a cheaper and quicker way for American consumers to get their hands on the all-in-one desktop computer.

At present, the skinny iMacs haven't appeared on the UK refurbished store, but Apple could be planning to make the newer models available there in the near future.

Brand new iMacs from Apple's Online Store are currently suffering from shipping delays of up to six weeks.

LinkedIn gives iPad mini to every employee

Forbes reports that LinkedIn has given all of its 3,500 employees an iPad mini.

Last week, LinkedIn Consumer PR Darain Faraz tweeted "That awesome moment when your CEO dishes out iPads to EVERY employee."

Is Apple ignoring its podcast app?

A BuzzFeed article by John Herrman has suggested that Apple is ignoring its podcasts app, which has been described by some reviewers as "worse than iOS Maps," and has a rating of just 1.5 stars on Apple's App Store.

Herrman wrote: "Apple hasn't done anything to fix an app that is so obviously in need of help. The company is not short on resources, but appears to have dedicated virtually none to the app that serves as the sole official way to download podcasts on iOS."

"If Apple really had an interest in pushing it, I bet they could double the number of people consuming podcasts just by redesigning the iTunes Store," he added. "One wonders if Apple is treating its podcast app like it did its Remote apps, which was reported to have been created by a team of one."

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