A reminder, the makers of Awareness! The Headphone App has announced a limited time price cut, on offer until tomorrow.

"Everyone needs Awareness The Headphone App, so essency are running a special price drop week at $2.99 / £1.79 (from $4.99 and £2.99) from 27 Sept to 4 Oct inclusive," essency has said.

Currently featured as part of the Apple iTunes App Store 'New & Noteworthy' choice selection, Awareness! The Headphone App from UK firm essency aims to let users listen to music and the outside world at the same time.

"The First Week: In our exciting first week, Awareness has been on the front page of 70 App Stores globally including the newly opened Chinese Store. We are hitting high in all the charts and for a short time reached No.69 in USA best-sellers (out of 320,000!). Now with this special drop price week, we aim to reach an even wider audience. Awareness has been on CNET, Wired and 1000's more websites and we have already received some tremendous reviews. Road Safety experts and Cycling Associations have been unanimous in acclaiming the contribution that Awareness can make to Road Safety," essency adds.

The Awareness! application promises to help rectify the problem of "iPod zombies", allowing users to listen to music at whatever volume they choose but, importantly,  to remain fully aware in situations where they need to be safe. As well as cycling and jogging, examples could include when travelling late at night or when needing to listen out for important announcements or hear conversations.

Accessing the iPhone, iPod touch or headset microphones, Awareness! allows the user to set precisely the amount and type of external sound they want delivered into their headphone mix.

Offered fully auto or fully manual, users can bleed in some audio spatial awareness, while an auto-set microphone trigger level allows warnings to break through even the loudest music insists essency. You can also turn Awareness! off at any time.

Awareness! The Headphone App

The latest 1.1 update adds improved functionality and has implemented user requested features.

Essency co-founders Alex and Antony share a passion for technology and music making that spans over 25 years. With a background in the fields of music, sound engineering and computing, the duo plan a trio of applications lined up for the iPhone and iPod touch, which they believe could change headphones forever.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Awareness! The Headphone App requires the iOS 4.1 Software Update or later.

The makers add, Awareness! also requires the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3 generation - with headset, iPod touch 4 generation. The application will be iPad compatible when Apple release the iOS 4.2 update in November.

Awareness! will not work on the iPhone 3G or on wireless or Bluetooth headsets.

An Awareness! can be seen here and below.