Live coverage of Apple's 7 March press event begins on Macworld UK at 6 pm GMT.

We will be running a live feed direct from the event (taking place at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco), enabling you to get minute-by-minute updates of the new announcement. Following the announcement we will have in-depth analysis of whatever Apple reveals, and we hope to have hands-on time with the new product, along with UK pricing and availability. 

Apple is expected to launch a new iPad (dubbed the iPad 3, iPad 2S, or iPad HD) with a higher resolution display, better cameras and Siri voice control.

Other rumours point to a faster quad-core processor, the inclusion of LTE (4G) technology, faster WiFi, larger storage, and even a haptic texturised display. There is also a rumour that Microsoft is ready to launch a version of Microsoft Office for the iPad, although it is unclear whether this is true and, if so, whether it will be part of Apple's event. We expect the device to only have superficial cosmetic changes (if any).

It is also unclear whether the device will go on sale immedietely afterwards or, more likely, 2-3 weeks following today's announcement.

Whatever Apple announces, we will find out today at 6 pm.

Please bookmark this page (and share it with your friends) and we will see you later today at 6 pm when the event starts.

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