A new report looks at the impact of the iPod economy on device manufacturers across mainland China.

Analysts from Research and Markets visited the factories of firms that manufacture iPod add-ons for OEM brands across the world. The report offers an in-depth look at each manufacturer.

A big chunk of the global supply of iPod accessories comes from manufacturers in Greater China. Makers cover the full iPod accessory spectrum, from high-end docking stations and entertainment systems to entry-level cases and protective film made by dry-goods suppliers.

The 28 manufacturers featured in the report were selected to showcase the diverse range of iPod accessories available from the Greater China supplier base.

These makers - 18 from mainland China, six from Taiwan and four from Hong Kong - comprised seasoned electronics manufacturers as well as new companies established to focus on iPod accessories.

The report found that many manufacturers have their own dedicated R&D and product design teams, and that they benefit from their proximity to component suppliers.

Prices of iPod accessories from mainland China are expected to fall by an average of 5 per cent, mainly due to increasing supply, intense competition and proliferation of new models in the market.