A revamped, renamed Apple TV,  rumoured to be announced at a special Apple event next week, is unlikely to come with iTunes App Store style gaming.

A  newly named iTV, could debut with a more tempting price tag, cheaper rentals and running a version of Apple's mobile iOS at the event on 1 September.

However, "three people familiar with Apple’s longer-range plans" told the Financial Times, that while the company are more than keen to get apps on the device, large screen compatible apps are unlikely to be announced next week.

""They’ve been marginalised and are working hard to get back into it," said an executive at a game developer familiar with Apple’s intentions. But the prospect of large-format 'apps' on televisions might still be a way off," the FT notes.

The FT adds that Apple recognises the potential revenue associated with offering iPhone and iPad type apps in the home and on a big screen.

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