Apple today may formally launch the iPhone in Canada, as it is revealed its discussions with China Mobile foundered on the size of the revenue sharing deal it wanted from the Chinese telco.

Bloomberg News reports an analyst who is claiming Apple may introduce the iPhone to Canada with local network, Rogers Communications during CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech. "There's a very good chance Apple will announce or discuss some kind of other carrier roll-outs, beyond the ones it has done in Europe and the US," said RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky.

Meanwhile, local reports emerging from China claim that Apple's demands for between 20-30 per cent of revenues generated by iPhones sold in China through China Telecom caused talks between the two firms to fll apart - though not permanently.

"We expect an agreement eventually and Apple to lower the revenue sharing requirement as the Chinese market is too large to lose. However, it is ont urgent for either party," said China Mobile's parent company, CLSA. Apple is likely to prioritise developed markets ahead of any moves into China and India, a report claims.