iPod or iTunes users with huge vinyl or cassette music collections have a new all-in-one digitising solution in the shape of TerraTec's PhonoPreAmp iVinyl.

Slightly larger than a cigarette packet, the £99.99 device lets users digitise LPs, singles or cassette recordings using a Mac's USB interface.

It's equipped with an input for your turntable (compatible with any turntable that's equipped with a moving magnet cartridge) and a line-port for tape decks or other audio sources. The company promises adjustable sound levels, good-quality components and "a first-class signal-to-noise ratio".

The PhonoPreAmp iVinyl ships with Roxio CD Spin Doctor, which users can employ once they have digitised their music to adjust scratches, pops and other audio artifacts.

The solution supports a 24-bit/96-kHz sample rate, offers an adjustable input gain, and a precision-measured EQ to help deliver a natural-sounding audio response. Uses can also switch between the phone or line-in audio source.