Rob Shoesmith, an app developer who camped outside the Covent Garden Apple Store for 10 days for the iPhone 4S launch without spending any money, has published an eBook.

The book, Bin There Done That, is available on Kindle, and describes Shoesmith's iPhone experiment, which "wasn't all about acquiring the latest shiny iPhone" according to the product description on Amazon.

During the experiment, Shoesmith spent no money, and lived on food and entertainment donated by local businesses.

"Re-live his inspiring adventure and see how he picked himself up from rock bottom, beating depression and anxiety attacks along the way. Detailing Rob's journey from immature student to marketing and PR exec, via call centres and emptying dustbins, this is a real life account of a young man's struggle for success," reads Amazon's description.

Shoesmith was first recognised in 2009 for his iPhone app design, which won a competition backed by MEDL Mobile and its App Incubator service, which aimed to allow designers to develop app ideas without having the technical knowledge or footing the financial outlay.

Shoesmith is now a marketing and PR executive for MEDL mobile, which was the main reason for his 'iPhone 5 experiment'. Read our interview with Shoesmith when he was preparing to wait outside the Apple Store last year.