Olympic silver medallist and former world champion Roger Black, the Team GB ambassador for the next Olympics, has said London 2012 is a great chance to get kids and young athletes involved in technology as they enjoy sport.

Black told delegates at the IPExpo conference in London: “The athletes can do real time coaching via video link to their trainers, and get all sorts of stats on their performance. And they can share their experiences with the world on social media as each event takes place.

“The difference from 15 to 20 years ago when I was racing, and now, is huge in terms of IT. I’d love to have had all these opportunities.”

Black was speaking alongside Cisco’s managing director for London 2012, Neil Crockett. Cisco, along with BT, is providing networking for the event.

Black was appearing in support of Cisco’s work in London 2012 and its longer term vision of helping more children in the UK be involved in technology.

“The Olympics are a real chance for the IT industry in the UK to look to the future,” added Crockett. Cisco said it would attempt to triple the amount of young Britons learning in its online networking academies, and create innovation prizes for start up companies inventing clever IT.

“If we can put 5,000 kids through our academies, get more kids studying science and technology, and help hundreds of new start ups, then it would be a great legacy,” he said.