So the tech rumour mill has once again churned out a report saying that the Apple iPhone is really, truly, super-sure-this-time coming to Verizon in the very near future.

This time, the rumour is that Verizon will announce early next year that its recently launched LTE network will support an LTE-capable version of the iPhone at which point the entire tech world will presumably explode from giddiness and excitement.

The trouble is we've heard all this before. Many, many times. In the spring of 2009, we heard that Verizon and Apple were having intense discussions to bring the device to Verizon's network.

Then in the spring of 2010, we learned that a Taiwanese manufacturer had apparently started mass producing an iPhone model tailored to Verizon's network.

And then two months later, two anonymous sources told Bloomberg that the Verizon iPhone would hit the shelves at the start of 2011.

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